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Smith Aerospace was founded by Doug Smith in 2018 with a single mission: Apply our aerospace expertise to resolve challenging issues in a rapid and professional manner. We approach each of our clients with our insight to develop customized, unique strategies. Doug Smith has over twenty-five years in global OEM and aftermarket experience with GE Aviation, Raytheon, and Titeflex Aerospace in engineering, quality, R&D, and sales. The team brings additional quality auditing, MRO and Lean expertise to provide expert subject matter solutions.

Smith Aerospace offers a wide range of services including Aerospace Design, Engineering, Project Management, Quality Control, Process Improvement, and Professional Training. We provide one stop shopping for cross-functional business needs as well as deep expertise for specialized solutions. Our experience includes successful deliveries to Boeing, Airbus, Pratt & Whitney, GE Aviation, and Rolls Royce.

Your company can rely on our professionalism and over thirty years of industry experience in everything from jet engine design to executive leadership.

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Engineering & Design


December 6, 2020

Managing Partner Doug Smith will be attending AFWERX Accelerate December 7th through the 11th. Smith Aerospace offers support for the UAM and eVTOL markets as shown on our site. Doug would be happy to chat with you about your business and opportunities to work together. 


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